Dyslexia and Coloured Filter Service

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Find out about Visual Stress, Coloured Overlays and Colour Tinted Glasses


Welcome to Colour2c.  We work in North Yorkshire, but we hope everyone will find our website informative and helpful.

We want to help people, both adults and children, who experience difficulties when reading. 

We assess individuals for Visual Stress or Meares-Irlen Syndrome (MIS) and can offer treatment in the form of specialised coloured overlays or glasses with precision tinted lenses.

We train teachers to assess their pupils with coloured overlays too.

Visual stress, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome, Visual dyslexia and Meares-Irlen Syndrome all refer to the same perception disorder.

This is not new; many people struggle to process bright light and glare and have done for centuries. In the west we now we live in an age where paper is bleached, lights are often neon or fluorescent, whiteboards are shiny, computers are back lit and text size is made small and dense to save printing costs –no wonder so many of us struggle!

In the 1980s, Olive Meares, and Helen Irlen, both wrote about how the use of colour could provide clarity when reading. Although they worked independently of each other, the term Meares-Irlen gives them equal credit for their contributions. The word “syndrome” reflects that no two people with MIS experience identical symptoms.